A state of tranquillity or imperturbability, freedom from anxiety. One of the highest forms of happiness.

From Ancient Greek. Considered to be one of the most desirable results in Epicurean and Stoic philosophy.

In the beginning, there was chaos. Slowly, from chaos came beauty: the earth, the night, the sun and the stars. And then came Ataraxia: peace, security and freedom.

Your brand deserves more than a quick logo and simple drag-and-drop website. It deserves a story worthy of Greek mythology, cutting through the noise of over-consumption and information overload. We're here to leave you, your team and your customers feeling free to live and breathe in the world of your brand.

Brand is more than social media templates and a full-to-the-brim website. Brand is the intersection between founders, team and customer. It's the sprinkle of a few magic ingredients that leaves everyone involved feeling like it's the perfect fit.

Ataraxia is a small creative studio based in London.

Founded during the COVID-19 pandemic by writer and designer Natalia Albin Legorreta, Ataraxia came from the need to disrupt the anxiety caused by the incessant news, advertising and doom scrolling. With over 5 years experience in branding and through the passion for women-led ventures, writing and attractive visuals, Natalia started building a portfolio of brands and clients with a mission she believed in and was passionate about. Now, Ataraxia is expanding it to a collective of creatives who love telling stories - whether it's through design, strategy or words.

Welcome to the new way to do branding.