Every brand has a story to tell.

We all know storytelling is the base of human connection. Stories are how we learn, how we enagage and, perhaps most importantly, how we make choices.

I am passionate about helping female-led, mission-driven brands grow into the brands they deserve to be.

When I was eight years old, already writing and playing out stories in my head, I taught myself how to design on software in my mum's computer - Photoshop became my first creative teacher. I discovered storytelling through designs and layouts at the same time as I learned how to write stories. Visual and written have always been intrinsically engaged in my mind - one cannot be without the other.

There are no boring stories, only boring ways to tell them. I'm here to tell your story the right way - be it through great, engaging design or through articulate, stimulating writing.

I can't wait to work with you.

Natalia Albin


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